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We are a group of investment professionals in crypto-currency buy/sell transactions and high liquidity.

180% Return

Daily For 10 Days

Minimum : $1.00

Daily Return 18.00%

199% Return

Hourly For 216 Hours

Minimum : $6.00

Hourly Return 0.92%

270% Return

Daily For 9 Days

Minimum : $110.00

Daily Return 30.00%

About Grantrapid.com

The ambitious team of professionals, who know all the moves in crypto-trading, founded the Grantrapid.com. Trading company is in a position to get the high liquidity of the crypto-currency buy/sell transactions. Only proficient traders, who have wealth of experience and expertise in the stock market, work in Grantrapid.com company. Since its inception, Grantrapid.com has focused on building an extensive infrastructure that combines classic and modern approaches to Bitcoin mining.

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    JoWink55 Jun-17-2019 09:26:43 AM $585.32
    Businessman50 Jun-17-2019 06:11:40 AM $7.76
    Zonafranco Jun-17-2019 05:45:48 AM $1.01
    faizrajput Jun-17-2019 03:18:24 AM $10.00
    Moneytree Jun-17-2019 01:27:01 AM $46.46
    Podi Jun-16-2019 11:00:15 PM $186.00
    Marceloalfonso Jun-16-2019 08:18:05 PM $110.00

Recent Payouts

    Moneytree Jun-11-2019 09:20:56 PM $11.04
    ORACLE Jun-11-2019 08:53:00 PM $7.73
    ORACLE Jun-11-2019 08:52:59 PM $7.00
    shirleyamlsa Jun-11-2019 08:52:09 PM $6.00
    thaciof Jun-11-2019 08:51:34 PM $33.00
    sedavis7808 Jun-11-2019 05:40:23 PM $33.00
    Elias09 Jun-11-2019 05:40:23 PM $22.00

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Our Features

The exciting part of what we do is delivering creative strategies, tactics and approaches that help our clients grow their business.


You can request a withdrawal at any time. All withdrawal requests are processed instantly and there are no fees for this operation. Minimum withdrawal amount is set to starts from $0.01 and you can make as many withdrawal requests anytime as you wish!


The basis of the flawless operation of the Grantrapid.com investment program is the highest quality of software and hardware. In our data center we use advanced computer equipment and the most reliable software for protection against any type of attacks.


Grantrapid.com online investment program is fully automated. You can conduct necessary financial transactions at any time of the day. If you need any additional information about our program, our support team will advise you online or by phone 24/7.